MOSEM² Möbius Maglev Train at Norwegian Upper Secondary Schools

Science show: Vegard Farstad presenting the Moebius Maglev Train at Aas Upper Secondary School 22 October 2012

Recently the MOSEM² Möbius Maglev Train was presented as part of a science show on magnetism, levitation and superconductivity at a handful of upper secondary schools in the vicinity of Oslo, Norway. Students in Moss (Malakoff), Ås, Lillestrøm and Lørenskog (Mailand) experienced these phenomena first hand, as they were able to touch and feel the forces between magnets, copper and superconductors.

Students found the show interesting and motivating for learning more about physics. Teachers were happy to present something unusual that captured the attention of the students and which also could be tied in with the electromagnetism parts of the curriculum.

At Malakoff Upper Secondary School in Moss, the local branch of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) came to cover the event. The result can be found here: (in Norwegian). Also the local newspaper in Ås covered the show there.

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Special thanks to Tekna Realistene for providing the funding and recruiting the participating schools!


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